What others say...

These are from people I’ve worked with over the last few years. They’re from individual sessions and team trainings, companies, sports teams, the self employed, employees, grandparents, mums, dads, sons and daughters...

I am thinking a lot more about how I communicate with people, how I answer questions. Taking into consideration mood and character.


Above all and the key to all of this, it has made me more aware of the people around me in every day life who are influenced by me.


I believe it has changed me as a person..............made me more sympathetic to my surroundings, family, friends, colleagues and customers.


I am in a better place now than before I started the NLP course. I've been reminded of how I'm in control of me.


I am a positive person who is ever the optimist and that is realistically enhanced by the information that Paul imparted. I am not over the top with this but genuinely feel empowered by the process.


I find myself excited by what is happening and what is coming. I hold less fear for this year and am quietly confident that things have (and will) go well.


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